Couple Therapy

What is Couple Therapy?

Couple Therapy is a process through which a couple (married or not married) work with the therapist to identify specific areas of conflict and or aspects of their relationship they would like to see change and then develop a plan of action to effect that change.

Working with a therapist, couples are able to explore how their individual backgrounds, beliefs, thoughts, and behaviors may be impacting their relationship in both positive and negative ways. The therapist may assist the couple with addressing any immediate and pressing problems, as well as developing strategies protecting and enhancing long-term health of the relationship.

What happens in Couple Therapy?

Couple Therapy can result in significant benefits to you and your relationship, including reaching goals, improving interpersonal relationships and resolving of specific concerns and issues that led you to seek services.

Working towards these benefits requires commitment on your, and your partners, part. These commitments include active involvement, honesty, openness and a willingness to stretch beyond your comfort zone. It is possible that remembering or talking about events and feelings in your life, can result in experiencing discomfort and strong feelings of sadness, anger, and fear. I may challenge some of your assumptions or perceptions and propose different ways of looking at, thinking about, or handling situations. This may evoke strong reactions in you or your family. Resolving the issues that brought you to seek help may result in changes that you did not anticipate.

Therapy often results in making decisions about changing behaviors, employment, substance use, schooling, housing, or relationships; and a positive decision by you or your partner, may be viewed negatively.

How can I book an appointment for Couple Therapy?

Your first step is to email or call to schedule your initial consultation: (613) 447-5041